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Matthew's Story: Matthew Otten was born in Bakersfield, CA and spent most of his childhood there, even living on the same dairy that his dad grew up on. After graduating high school, Matt became interested in the Japanese language and culture. He studied Japanese at the local community college, Bakersfield College, along with his general ed while working at a video game store for almost three years. After graduating BC, Matthew decided to look into continuing his Japanese education in Japan by enrolling in a language immersion school in Okazaki, Japan. After a year there, making great relationships including one with a Japanese family that he home-stayed with and still stays in contact with today, he returned to the states to finish up a degree in linguistics at California State University Long Beach.

Two years and one degree later, Matthew decided to return to Japan to teach English and fulfill his lifelong dream of being a translator. A year into his second Japan excursion however, his dad, Hank, really needed help opening a restaurant after he parted ways with his at the time job. Hank knew how to BBQ like a king, but the technical side of running a business (setting up a POS system, arranging accounts, doing taxes, managing a restaurant etc.) wasn't in his skill list. Matthew, on the other hand, was great at that kind of stuff, and could make some mean sides to boot.

Being close to his family, Matthew couldn't say no to his father and decided to return to America. A few months later, Copper Top BBQ was born.

Now Matthew and Hank make a dream team that runs one of the best restaurants in the country (Yelp crowned Copper Top BBQ the best restaurant in the year of 2014). Come down and try the BBQ that took literally all of Matthew's lifetime to perfect. You won't be disappointed. We will show you why we think Food Makes Friends.

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Hank's Story: Born in Artesia, CA, Hank started his life on the family owned dairy helping his dad 7 days a week milking cows, moving hay, and taking care of everything that needed to be taken care of on the dairy. He woke up earlier in the morning to milk the cows and would go to school as soon as he was done. After that he would come home and help out around the house and around the dairy along with his 8 other siblings. 

Once Hank graduated high school, he went to college in Iowa to study Agriculture. At 26 he got married to Lisa Adams and had two kids Adam and Matthew. Adam is currently a CHP officer working in Bishop and Matthew is the manager and co-owner of Copper Top BBQ.

After leaving the dairy business, Hank started working for John Deer as a sales rep. He moved up the ladder and continued working there for over 18 years and then decided it was time to pursue his true passion: BBQ.

Hank started his journey into BBQing when his sons were born. Over the years he perfected his techniques using his two boys as guinea pigs. Now, his skill and speed at BBQing is unmatched (so says the multiple first places in cook offs around California and the number one rating on Yelp in all of the USA for 2014) and he puts every ounce of that passion into the food he makes today.